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Load Cell Amplifier

Printed circuit board and design of the case with a sealant around a cover were developed. The price was an important criterion; therefore cable inputs with IP65/66 were installed instead of sockets. Precision operational amplifiers with multiway low-noise potentiometers were installed on the board. Output current for the bridge circuit and rate of signal amplification and its zero-offset can be set. The required cost price and a very low noise level were achieved. The task was implemented in time; 10 prototypes were produced.

Development of a converter for load cells' signals for force tranducers with bridge measurement circuit. Input parameters: 1. Input bridge resistance from 100 to 800 Ohm, 2. Regulated excitation current strength up to 20 mA, 3. Measurement error not worse than 0,1 % in a range of 10С... 30С, 4. Class of climatic version - IP65 5. Output signal - 0... 10V, 4... 20 mA. 6. Operating temperature range from -40 to +70С. 7. Working band - 20 Hz. 8. The industrial cost price should not exceed 40 USD for a batch of 1000 pcs.
Elapsed Time
270 man-hours
Development Cost
22,8 thousand USD