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2 samples of the device were produced. Design of the case and the keyboard was developed. The case is made of black and white ABS-plastic with silicone holder. The device can be hold and operated by one hand. 4 layer board with high frequency analogue and digital parts on the basis of PIC32MZ controller was developed. The display with very low energy consumption from Sharp allowed to increase duration of device operation on one battery charge up to one year. Components from Analog Device allowed to implement both measurement methods (TDR and DC) with high accuracy (error of 0,1 %). The device has successfully passed certification and metrological approval. 2 patent applications were submitted in the course of development.

Development of a modern device for measurement of cable length and search of defects (reflectometer). Input parameters: 1. Measurement methods: TDR (method of pulse reflectometry) and DC (measurement of cable resistance). 2. Measurement of cable length up to 10000 m. 3. Error of measurement of not worse than 0,2 %. 4. Wave resistance of cables from 20 to 500 Ohm, 5. Measurement of single and multiple-core cables length. 6. Monitor with the high resolution and illumination. 7. Casing for protection against hits and falling. 8. Battery operation up to 1 month. 9. Transmission of data from internal memory via Bluetooth. 10. Class of climatic version - IP44 11. Operating temperature range from -20 to +50С. 12. The industrial cost price should not exceed 100 USD for a batch of 1000 pcs.
Elapsed Time
850 hours
Development Cost
47,800 USD