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Inclinometer iSensor-M

2 samples of device with aluminium alloy case with different anodizing depth were produced. The case and boards were made in China. Sensitive elements were chosen on the basis of MEMS-technology with very low spectral noise density. Software for the controller has functions of digital signal processing (filtration, interpolation, calculation of vectors position, calibration and digital compensation of temperature). The device has provided the required accuracy and frequency band and has passed certification.

Development of 2-axial gauge of measurement of inclination for high-precision measurements. Input parameters: 1. Range of inclination measurement on X/Y axis -40 … + 40 degrees, 2. Absolute error of measurement of less than 0,02 degrees in the range of 10С... 30С, 3. Resolution of 0,005 degrees, 4. Regulated measurement band from 20 Hz to 0,1 Hz, 5. Shock-resistant and wearproof case. 6. Possibility of connection of external SSI-encoder. 7. Class of climatic version - IP66 8. Output signal - digital protocol RS485. 9. Operating temperature range from -40 to +70С.
Elapsed Time
270 man-hours
Development Cost
22,800 USD