Load Cell Amplifier

Printed circuit board and design of the case with a sealant around a cover were developed. The price was an important criterion; therefore cable inputs with IP65/66 were installed instead of sockets. Precision operational amplifiers with multiway low-noise potentiometers were installed on the board. Output current for the bridge circuit and rate of signal amplification and its zero-offset can be set. The required cost price and a very low noise level were achieved. The task was implemented in time; 10 prototypes were produced.

Inclinometer iSensor-M

2 samples of device with aluminium alloy case with different anodizing depth were produced. The case and boards were made in China. Sensitive elements were chosen on the basis of MEMS-technology with very low spectral noise density. Software for the controller has functions of digital signal processing (filtration, interpolation, calculation of vectors position, calibration and digital compensation of temperature). The device has provided the required accuracy and frequency band and has passed certification.


2 samples of the device were produced. Design of the case and the keyboard was developed. The case is made of black and white ABS-plastic with silicone holder. The device can be hold and operated by one hand. 4 layer board with high frequency analogue and digital parts on the basis of PIC32MZ controller was developed. The display with very low energy consumption from Sharp allowed to increase duration of device operation on one battery charge up to one year. Components from Analog Device allowed to implement both measurement methods (TDR and DC) with high accuracy (error of 0,1 %). The device has successfully passed certification and metrological approval. 2 patent applications were submitted in the course of development.